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Data Harvesting

What is data harvesting?

Also known as data scraping, data extraction, web scraping, page scraping, web page wrapping and HTML scraping. It's when a program comes along and extracts information from the display of another program, in this case web pages.

Why do it?

How long do you spend trawling through websites and noting down the information you require? If it's a big job or something that needs done on a regular basis this can be very time consuming and costly. This is where we can help with a program written specifically for your needs that will find the data and present it to you in the format you require whether it be a database, spreadsheet or a plain text file. The harvester can be written as either a standalone program to be run on a local machine or a web based program that can be installed on a web server.
Click here to download and run a sample harvest using a standalone program.
Click here to be taken to a page that runs a sample harvest.

What does it cost?

Prices vary depending on what is to be harvested and from where. A simple, basic harvest could be as little as £100. Call or email to talk further.